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No waiting for monthly rent
Get 11 months rent in advance

Circle gives you 11 months of rent in advance, without any brokerage fee


Benefits you get

Standard Rent Agreement

no sublease

CircleApp is built on clarity, simplicity, and your best interests. 
No subleases, Just standard rent agreement.

Eviction Rights 

as usual

CircleApp rigorous tenant verification process disallows problematic tenants. 
Our support team is here to assist you 24X7, in case of crisis.

You still meet the tenant

your approval matters

As one tenant's lease ends, the next one is already lined up. 
Our proactive approach to tenant transitions minimizes any downtime.

Fixed Tenants

for 11 months

With fixed tenancies, your property experiences less wear and tear,
as tenants settle in for a longer duration.

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Your Journey with Circle

as smooth as it gets

Group 1000005458.png

We visit your property & Verify it

We book property by giving token & fix move in date

18407468_5995355 1.png
Group 1000005457.png

You meet the tenant & approve

11 months rent transferred before move in 

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